exiled in Gilead…um, Arizona.

So, I keep having this horrible nightmare, where I am suddenly in the middle of Gilead, Margaret Atwood’s Biblical wasteland in The Handmaid’s Tale.  And then I wake up, and realize I’m in Arizona, which ain’t too far behind, thanks to legislation that would require me, if so asked by my employer, to tell said employer why I wanted my health insurance to cover my birth control. If I refused, I could be fired.

This post isn’t about politics, not really. This post is why, for me, using contraception is medically necessary to prevent conception. Yep, you read that right. I use birth control so I don’t get pregnant, because getting pregnant again could mean I could die, my child could die, and I would most certainly become a burden to society.

Let’s start with the icky medical part, shall we? I have what’s called a septate uterus. It looks a little like a bunny rabbit, to be honest (this one isn’t mine, but mine looks like this):


See that dark spot between the bunny ears? That’s the septate. In most cases, it contains few, if any, blood vessels. So if an embryo attaches there, it doesn’t grow. The miscarriage rate for women with my condition runs somewhere between 30 and 50%. And most of us have more than one miscarriage. Now me, I was lucky. I had very few complications with my pregnancy, and my daughter was born at term and healthy. The odds of that? 1 in 37,000.

Read that again. 1 in 37,000 chances of her being born at term, healthy, and mentally normal. Now, tell me again that my using birth control so that I don’t get pregnant and miscarry multiple times is a problem. Even if I don’t miscarry, I would be on modified bed rest from the 4th month on, and full bed rest, possibly in a hospital, from the 7th month. Birth would have to be (as my daughter was) by C-section. Did I mention I’m an adjunct, and if I don’t work, I don’t get paid? So that bed rest would have to be paid for by state medical assistance. You know, *gasp* welfare. Not to mention the fetal monitoring, the testing, and oh yeah, who’s gonna pay my rent?

So yeah, I’m on birth control so I don’t get pregnant. Tell me again why that’s not okay?

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