wedding cake making, part one

So I’m making a wedding cake. And I decided to go big. Three tiers, fondant covered, gumpaste flowered…oh yes. And funnily enough, I like it. But I realized something. Those cakes that you see on Ace of Cakes? Now I know why they’re so expensive! It’s not about the ingredients (although fondant ain’t cheap), it’s about the time. For instance, to make the centers for the 15 ranunculus flowers I’m attaching to the cake takes about an hour. But the petals for just ONE flower take about 3 hours. That’s 45 hours of time.   That may be because they’re complicated flowers, sure, but I have to handcraft each and every one of those petals.

But despite that, I’m loving this. I’ll be posting pictures of the process soon. Stay tuned…anyone want a slice of vanilla bean buttermilk cake?

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