why I’ll never be a fashionista

I’m watching last week’s Project Runway right now…and the winning outfit consists of a asymmetrical gold lame top with navy pants. Every week, they find the damned ugliest outfits to be ‘gorgeous’ and ‘fashion forward’, while things real women would wear are ‘boring’ and ‘dated’.  No wonder my friend Ori, who just finished at LA FIDM, said she’d never go on the show.  And it’s getting worse.

But really, I’ll never be a fashionista because insanely high heels, giant earrings, teeny tiny hemlines, and random patterns are not going to work in the everyday world unless you work at a fashion magazine, or in high end retail sales (where you’re selling the same thing you’re wearing).  The women I know want shoes that they can walk in, or even stand in for several hours.  We want pockets. We want bras that hold up our boobs and make them look good (without costing an arm and a leg) and underwear that stays in place (and that whole bare elastic thing? OUCH).  We want pants and dresses and skirts and tops we can move in, that don’t have to be dry cleaned, and most assuredly don’t cost a whole paycheck.  We want things that we can wear for several years without looking dated.  And yes, we’d like our buttons to stay on, our zippers to be a reasonable length, and oh, yeah, could designers please make clothes for hips, butts, boobs, and upper arms that aren’t the size of wrists?

I’ll admit, I’m more aware of fashion now than I used to be.  I used to wear nothing but baggy jeans and men’s t-shirts.  My daughter admitted that she was thinking of putting me on What Not to Wear.  But Stacey and Clinton (despite Stacey’s undying love of heels) actually find women clothes that work, that look good, and that accentuate the positive.  Even for women who are a size 20, or a 12, women with boobs — or none, hips — or none, tall women and short.  In short, REAL WOMEN.

I subscribed to Glamour last year, intrigued by their promise to feature women with real bodies.  So far, the only time they do that is when they laud themselves for talking about plus sized models, or say ‘wear the latest trend’ and then how to do it if you’re not a size 2.  None of their fashion spreads (those things they call ‘editorial shots’) show a woman with an ounce of body fat, or with a wrinkle, or even with boobs (unless it’s a lingerie spread).  I won’t be renewing my subscription.  Even the spreads in magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens show well-preserved — but always thin –older women.

And while we’re at it, does anyone know where a teenager can find more grown up shoes in a size 3? The D is getting pretty tired of wearing little girl shoes, and I don’t blame her!

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  1. I’ve a love hate relationship w/project runway. I love the contestants because they wear crazy things and are pretty creative, but yeah, the runway show at the end makes me want to become anorexic because i simply don’t look like that, and I’m never going to. the first few seasons of the show were really fun, but you’re right, now the judges decisions simply make no sense whatsoever. I haven’t seen any of the eps of this season so far.

    fun shoes is size 3? try payless. seriously. I wear a women’s 5.5/kids 3, and most of my shoes come from Payless. If there are any large size department stores by you, see what they’ve got in women’s shoes in size 5 and 5.5, I’ll be she’ll fit into those, and the styles are much more grown up. there is a teensy Macy’s by me, and they don’t sell shoes smaller than size 6, but the bigger Macy’s over by Detroit metro area go down to size 5 in a bunch of styles.

    • I’m thinking the next time I take her to California, we’ll go to somethng like DSW and see what we can find. Because in CA, there are women that are that size. The Payless here has a VERY limited selection (ah, living in a small town).

      • small town suck for shoes in odd sizes. California is the place to go for anything smaller sized!! i go on for hours about my misadventures trying to find shoes that fit. I hope your daughter grows into a more normal size!

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