in which I whine just a little

The good thing about being as educated as I am? I can get in front of a classroom, and teach.  I can also read, I know some pretty great people, and I really, really love my job.

The bad news about being an almost PhD is that in this economy, there’s a lot of us looking for work.  And okay, I get it. Times are tough, and all of that. But you’d think someone would LOVE to have me work for them as a part-time employee.  I’ve got a killer work ethic, I have consistency, the ability to read, write, and think, solve problems, and act independently.  And what I don’t know how to do, I can learn pretty quickly.  Oh, and I make a damned fine trainer.

So how did I find myself here, worrying about how to pay the internet bill, or debating if I should pay the water or electric bill now, how I’m going to pay for gas to get to Prescott for a mandatory meeting next week, and how thank goodness the food stamps came in on Sunday?  How did I go from being someone with enough money to pay the bills and go see a movie without thinking about it to worrying that something might go wrong with my car, because between now and payday, which doesn’t happen until September, I have JUST enough money to get change for the yard sale on Friday?

Okay, sure, some of it’s moving here, to a smaller town with fewer jobs, but every single job I’m even remotely qualified for that I’ve applied to (and yes, even the jobs that I’m so overqualified for it’s not funny — yes, McDonalds), won’t hire me because, well, I’m overqualified. I applied for a bartending gig and was told that because I was an assistant manager in a bar in California, I’d be ‘bored’ working there.  It’s getting a bit silly.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I wasn’t as educated as I am. Then maybe Wal Mart would hire me.

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  1. I hear you. I’m overqualified in experience for 90% of positions, but don’t have the piece of paper/age that businesses want for managers. Ack.

    Can you dumb down your resume a bit? It hurts like hell, but it might help…

    • Wish I could, but without the teaching stuff, I have some pretty darn big gaps…

  2. I think the managers of a place like McDonald’s or the bar possibly don’t want someone /way/ smarter than them working for them, either… that is a high probability. 😦

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