on feeling, well, defeated

Tom Morrissey, the county chair of the Republican Party in these parts, never misses a chance to use Obama’s middle name. Yeah, it’s Hussein. Which is sort of like a Middle Eastern version of, say, Kevin. Maybe not in the top 10 baby names, but certainly not unusual. And Tom? Trump didn’t FORCE anyone to do anything…it was more a matter of ‘hey, we have more pressing things to deal with, so here, LOOK at this thing, sit down, and shut the hell up unless you’re going to say something meaningful.’

And what is meaningful these days? We should be having conversations about the fact that our education system is crumbling. I’m not talking ‘gosh, there’s 35 kids in a classroom’ crumbling, I mean falling down around our ears and in crisis mode crumbling. The Detroit school for pregnant teens got a reprieve just days ago.  This school gives girls who would otherwise never have much of a chance to get out of poverty at least a fighting chance…why  would we even consider closing it? I’ve posted here before about the myth that teachers are overpaid…and every single bit of evidence proves that myth to be a huge, huge lie. Why are we still talking about it as if those claiming teachers only work 9 months a year, have summers off, only work 6 hours a day, blah blah blah have ANY validity whatsoever? Why are we even giving them the time of day?! Every last bit of economic information says that slashing the tax rate of the wealthiest Americans won’t do a damned thing for our economy, that giving them a tax holiday would hurt, not help, and 30 years of evidence shows that trickle-down economics is, to put it bluntly, the ‘voodoo economics’ Bush I said it was. So how is it that Tim Pawlenty can be considered a serious contender for the presidency?

So I’m feeling a bit defeated. In the 1950s, 60s, and even 70s, we were a nation of people who got things done. People who sent people to the moon, people who built bridges and dams and roads and created art and music and literature that was up there with the best. We were once a nation that gave a shit about students knowing our history. We once thought the Founding Fathers were really great guys who had some great ideas, but understood that a well-to-do gentleman farmer in Virginia in the 1770s couldn’t have foreseen everything. That the Constitution would have to be interpreted because he couldn’t. We understood what we were fighting for (okay, well, Viet Nam was a bit of blip on that radar, but). We understood that America was a big ass country, and that different opinions on things were just that — different opinions.

Back in WWII, Walt Disney made a series of propaganda films for the government showing how silly the Nazis were. And there are certainly thousands of propaganda posters out there showing some really incredibly offputting images of the Japanese and Germans. But we were at war with them. Now it’s okay to say the president ‘hates’ America, or even ‘white people’. People who don’t agree with Glenn Beck are painted as communists, socialists, haters. It’s okay to put a Hitler mustache on a picture of the president, or to claim that those who disagree with you are agents of Satan. These are your fellow Americans. These are the people with whom you might fundamentally disagree, but are they really evil? And does that mean we at war with ourselves, then?

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  1. Above my comment it says I “like” this post. I’m not sure “like” is the right word. But I can identify with it.

  2. To answer your last question: yes. And I join you in feeling pretty damned defeated.

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