the world, it is too much with me

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I wasn’t such a news junkie, that my twitter feed and FB newsfeed weren’t stories of devastation in Japan, or protests in Wisconsin, or governmental misdoings here, there, and everywhere. I sometimes think it would be nice if the most heartbreaking thing I read on social media was that so-and-so broke up.

But perhaps that’s part of growing up. But does it have to be so overwhelming? Is this what my parents felt when I was younger, this sadness and sense of being unable to provide a safe, sane world for their children?  Or has the advent of 24/7 news and instant updates made it seem worse?

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  1. Well love, I can remember sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen 25 years ago. I’d brought my fiance over to introduce her to my grandmother (we celebrate our 25th anniversary in August).

    My grandmother was born in Argentina in 1895. No cars. No planes. The family sailed back to Italy on a steam ship in 1915.

    She married my grandfather in 1920. My dad was born in 1922. They moved to Canada in 1929, just in time for the Great Depression, because there wasn’t any work in Italy…

    She saw the change over from oil lighting to electricity. She saw the first airplanes, and then hir children visit other continents. She saw the first moon landing. She saw radios change from bulky cabinets into small hand held units.

    She died about a year after we were married, just after our son, her first grandson to carry the family name, was born. We think that she waited to see that the name would carry on. The last twenty years of her life she had a pacemaker, without it, her heart wouldn’t have kept beating.

    So it’s not just us that have to keep up with the changes. Out parents and grandparents did too.

    But yes, sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming.



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