avoidance or therapy?

Yesterday, my daughter planted some myrtle under the (now contained) pyracantha, and helped me plant a purple fountain grass and a curly rosemary.  We mulched the apricot, apple, and almond trees, sowed the front box with orange poppy seeds. We trimmed up the winter death off the roses, unearthed (unleaved?) the zebra grass, russian sage, and lipstick salvia, and trimmed the pomegranate.  Then I rearranged the porch, but together the IKEA storage/seat units, and swept the sidewalk.

We topped off our day by seeing Rango and eating popcorn for dinner.  It was almost perfect.

I say ‘almost’ because I have this thing hanging over my head, you see, called Chapter 4. It is my bane at the moment, a gnarled mess of bad Latin and even worse analysis, and I feel sort of trapped by it. What do you do to get out of the dissertation avoidance rut? I garden. And muck about on the interwebs. But it sits there, like a malevolence, something to be dealt with, to be tortured into the semblance of something less…pervasive and nagging.

And today, I’m trying to avoid it still.  But no more. I simply must.

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