to finish or not to finish, that is the question.

I have five chapters, two of which need major revision.  I have no money to pay for the quarter I need to file the damned thing, and frankly, I’ve run out of enthusiasm for my project.  I’d rather just teach, be crafty, and finally have time to just be.

On the other hand, I’ve come this far, right?  So what to do, people?  Yikes.

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parenting…sometimes you get it right

So, tonight The D asked if she could go to the cast and crew party for the play her school put on.  I asked the usual mom questions:  where is it?  Who will be there?  and reminded her I needed an address, and at least one parent’s name and number.  She gave me the CindiLou Who eyes and said ‘don’t you trust me?’

Of course I do.  And even more so now.  When I told her I wouldn’t budge on such matters, she said “I thought you only had rules about sex, drugs, and alcohol.  Why the new rule about parties?”  Because, dear, that’s where the sex, drugs, and alcohol tend to be.

“Oh.  Well, then, that makes sense.  I’ll have that for you by Friday.  And did you know there are two girls in my PE class who have already had sex?”

“And how does that make you feel?”

“Well, at first I was jealous, because I felt like I might be missing out on something the way they talk, but then I realized.  I’m going to have a much better life than they are, because I know about birth control, and masturbation, and I am the one who controls my body.  But you know what, mom?  I like that you don’t have a lot of rules about stupid stuff.  I like that your rules are about important things.  I’m going to go take a shower now.”

And I am going to blog about you, kiddo, because I am raising a strong woman.  One who feels sexy in motorcycle boots, and who controls her body.  And who, despite being 14, listens to her mother every once in a while.

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