The D in her natural environment

The D in her Natural EnvironmentIt looks worse than it is.  I promise.  The D is currently working on mucking out her room.  We move in December (where, of course, is still up in the air) and since she’s in school somewhere else starting in August, we have this month to muck it all out, get rid of things, and pack up stuff she wants to keep, but isn’t taking with her.  But several of her obsessions are evident:  books, Jack Sparrow, & big cats.  So far, 3 bags of trash, 10 bags for Goodwill (I have objections to Salvation Army), and about 1/4 of her remaining stuff packed.  Of course, I’ll be going through it all again, repacking, but I’ve made it very clear that I am NOT moving all of her crap.  

I think being 13 is a good age to muck out.  Because all those ‘childish’ things can go, and the real stuff gets to stay.  But I’m starting to wonder if perhaps I shouldn’t have had her start this in December, and then done an Ebay store.  Because there’s a whole lot of stuff here.  Anyone need a Littlest Pet Shop house?  Only 2 years old, and barely touched.

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