roller coaster day

Today was one of those days where I think I’d have liked to crawl back under the covers and start over.  Well, maybe not that bad.  But it was certainly one of those days that you sort of have to wonder about the universe’s sense of humor.  To start, I took a friend to the airport.  Which, in and of itself, was not a bad thing.  What was not so great, however, was that it was at the crack of dawn, and then I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I really wish I could fall asleep more easily…and somehow work it so that my body didn’t like 4 p.m. so much as a nap option.

Then I got an email canceling one of my two classes for fall at Unnamed CC (UCC).  Again, not bad, in that I can certainly use the time for revisions.  Bad, however, in that it’s tough to save money when what you make is pretty much what you pay for rent. Food optional, I guess.  But then a friend of mine said that she’d let me have her class if the chair would let her give it up.  Wow. I certainly didn’t expect that!  Goodness.  I’ll see what happens, but I don’t know that I’d feel all that good taking her class!  Hopefully, the chair can find me something else…we’ll see!

And then we got a preliminary diagnosis on The D’s mini-blackouts.  Turns out that it may just be PMS.  Yep, did you know that PMS can, in a small percentage of women, cause vertigo, fainting, and syncope?  Me either.  But there’s also a possibility of anemia, so we’re waiting on a test result or two.  But it’s good to know it’s not her heart, or (perhaps worse) her brain!  

So yeah, a seriously topsy-turvy roller coaster kind of day.  Tomorrow, I’ll think about what’s going on with the UC’s.  Today, I think I’ll sort of just …be.

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playing with the new camera

So I’ve been messing around with my graduation present to myself, a Nikon S220.  Nothing fancy, but I took this shot of ice in the bin at work, and I just like how it looks….ice

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making myself obsolete

I know parents (okay, mothers, mostly) who do everything for their kids.  They lay out their clothes, run their baths, do all the housework and the cooking and the cleaning.  I’ve seen articles on ‘helicopter’ parents, who hover over their children, even going so far as to clean their college dorm rooms, do their laundry, try to convince employers to hire them…ridiculous.

My idea about parenting is that the whole goal of it is to make myself obsolete.  My goal is to teach The D the things she needs to learn to be a capable, self-reliant adult.  How to make good choices, to do practical things for herself, and to give her the room to screw up now, when I’m there to catch her, rather than later, when I may not be able to help.

To that end, I’ve been teaching her how to do things like laundry — who cares if everything turns pink?  We’ve also been cooking.  First up, bread.  Not my most successful experiment with her.  When you’re 13 and ADHD, the idea that you have to wait an hour or four for your work to come to fruition, it’s a bit much to ask.  But she’s good at prepping things.  She makes a killer salad, and likes to chop veggies, scramble eggs, make marinades, and even shred cheese.

But she’s afraid of the oven, and I want to get her over that fear.  So next up, cookies.  Oatmeal raisin, at her request.  Then lasagna, french toast, and rice pilaf, all at her request.  Also, mashed potatoes, one of her favorite foods.  I’m hoping that by the time she heads back to Arizona, she’ll be able (with some help of course) to make a dinner for her grandparents.  Something simple, but tasty.

Wish me luck!

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a bit of whining

I don’t often whine.  In fact, I so seldom whine that it’s something of a ‘mark the calendar’ sort of thing.  But I feel the need to whine just a bit.

I’ve tried very hard lately not to get upset by people not inviting me to things, but that whole social networking thing?  yeah, I know about your birthday party, your engagement bash, your BBQ, your whatever.  And you didn’t invite me.  Despite the fact I invited you to my event (some of you even showed up!).  

And every time I see you, it’s ‘where have you been’ and ‘what’s new with you’ and ‘gosh, I never see you any more’.  

Perhaps that’s because you keep doing things without me, yeah?

Okay, whining is over.  Like anyone reads this anyway, right?

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Okay, the budget mess in California is getting ridiculous.  Because the legislature couldn’t come up with something that they could pass — really, that whole two-thirds thing really needs to go! — or that the governor would sign, they just added a couple of billion to the deficit.  Why?  Because IOUs have interest attached, and some 28 thousand IOUs will go out by the end of July.  The Orange County courts will close one Friday a month, and state workers are looking at a third unpaid furlough Friday every month.  Every level of education is girding themselves for deeper cuts.  Already, there have been pay cuts of up to 8%, and a hard freeze on hiring.  

But closer to home, it means that my neighbor may not have a job next year.  It means that until that contract for my two classes in the fall comes in the mail, I’m worried.  I don’t know if my classes will be cut, despite the fact that they are transfer classes.  Despite the fact that they are full every semester, and this past year, community colleges have seen their enrollments go way up.  

Look, it shouldn’t be this hard.  Perhaps it’s time to think about the hard choices. Like, oh, cutting the salaries of lawmakers (really, $133 thousand?  for THIS?!).  Maybe the UC system should rethink paying Yudof over $700,000 a year.  Is anyone worth that kind of money?  And don’t get me started on the unions.  Don’t get me wrong…unions have a place and a purpose.  But when universities can’t hire students to do yard work, because the union complains, or a teacher can’t be fired despite obvious problems because of union rules, there’s a problem.  When unions, not taxpayers, set the agenda, that’s a problem.

And more importantly, someone has to stand up and say that yes, indeed, the sacred cow of California, Proposition 13, needs to be overturned.  The cow has outlived its usefulness, and it’s time to BBQ the damned thing.  With some really good marinade…maybe union tears?

Just saying.

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The D in her natural environment

The D in her Natural EnvironmentIt looks worse than it is.  I promise.  The D is currently working on mucking out her room.  We move in December (where, of course, is still up in the air) and since she’s in school somewhere else starting in August, we have this month to muck it all out, get rid of things, and pack up stuff she wants to keep, but isn’t taking with her.  But several of her obsessions are evident:  books, Jack Sparrow, & big cats.  So far, 3 bags of trash, 10 bags for Goodwill (I have objections to Salvation Army), and about 1/4 of her remaining stuff packed.  Of course, I’ll be going through it all again, repacking, but I’ve made it very clear that I am NOT moving all of her crap.  

I think being 13 is a good age to muck out.  Because all those ‘childish’ things can go, and the real stuff gets to stay.  But I’m starting to wonder if perhaps I shouldn’t have had her start this in December, and then done an Ebay store.  Because there’s a whole lot of stuff here.  Anyone need a Littlest Pet Shop house?  Only 2 years old, and barely touched.

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