conspiracy theories R us

Michael Jackson’s death reminded me how talented he was, and also how incredibly disturbed.  As The D asked, “what’s up with his Voldemort nose?”  

But it also gives me the chance to come up with a conspiracy theory.  So, Iran is cracking down on protesters who have issues with Amedinejadah’s re-election (truth be told, so do I, but that’s a different post).  And Kim Jong Il is, well, ill.  And has, or so he claims, nukes.  So, Makhmoud and Jong, knowing that they weren’t long for power, got together last year, or perhaps the year before, and found a doctor they could embed in MJ’s house (hey, the news today said that MJ’s private physician couldn’t be found!).  When the elections didn’t go Makhmoud’s way, and Korea’s missile testing proving upsetting, the doctor moved in.  Gave Mikey a shot of Demerol that would have killed Bubbles twice over, then ‘panicked’ — come on, what doctor doesn’t know that CPR is useless on a soft surface, and the 911 call proves that he was giving MJ CPR on the bed.  

Look, Makhmoud and Jong know us well.  They knew that if someone really famous and really controversial — and being right on the verge of a major comeback didn’t hurt, either — died, then they could buy themselves a couple of days to crack some skulls.  After all, who’s going to pay attention to a bad cell phone video of some dead protester, or the deplorable conditions in the prison camps (heck, pretty much everywhere in North Korea) when the King of Pop dies?

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